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Vertical end control, the only part you should have to replace is the barrel. This barrel has three reduction gears in it. Uses #10 chain. This is not for laserlite brand, laserlite has four reduction gears.

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These pins are CNC machined from brass to replace broken plastic pins used in Four Seasons Solarium window blinds. The plastic pins especially those at the bottom of the blinds tend to break likely from dust or dirt accumulations due to lack of frequent use. They are intended for the bottom pin replacement but could be used at the other locations but the instructions only describe replacement for the bottom pins. What you will receive is a package of 8 brass pins and a carbide burr used to make a hole in the track of aluminum frame. Drill bits don’t work well because of the slot of the track. FOUR SEASONS BLIND BOTTOM PIN REPLACEMENT INSTRUCTIONS 1. Lower blind with broken plastic pin to lowest position. 2. Tug down on bottom of blind and mark location of where the pin would fit into the aluminum frame with the blind stretched. 3. Release blind and drill a ¼ inch hole at the marked location on the aluminum frame with the provided burr tool. (Drill bits don’t work well because of the opening for the track.) 4. Either remove the remaining part of the broken plastic pin or push it on into the blind. 5. Insert new brass pin into blind. 6. Stretch blind down to the drilled hole and insert pin head into the hole and allow to follow up the track.

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