Side View HD Sport Breakaway Mirrors Pair Polaris RZR Ranger UTV 1.75" RND ROLL

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Set/PAIR of Side View Mirrors for 1.75" Round Roll Bars on offroad UTVs.* Steel metal wrap around clamps, 2 pcs. STEEL clamps provide maximum strength and durability. **** Not a cheap plastic wrap around clamp that will break on you when you are trail riding!* Rubber spacer material provided as needed, if needed at all. Easy to trim down to required size.* 8" tall x 4.5" wide mirror face.* Slight convex mirror face with a large viewing area.* High-impact ABS mirror head housing.* Fully adjustable (all directions) ball swivel mount. Ball swivel is designed for rugged trail conditions.* Very quick and easy to install. Tightens with one bolt. * Install any where on your vertical uprights.* Folds in quickly for trailering your UTV. Thank you, THE TEAM

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Alabama Crimson Tide Mirrored "We Roll Together" License Plate / Car Tag

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UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA Mirrored Acrylic Laser-Cut and Inlaid 5.625" X 11.625"

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