High Voltage & Dual Low Voltage Soft Start Rectified Power Supply PSU Tube Amps

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Store category Sign Up Now ! You may also like Welcome to buy it , if you need more items, please Add to cart. thank you! Product Description 100% Brand New and High Quality Adujustable high voltage and dual low voltage DC regulator circuit board for tube amps: exquisite double-sided FR4 fiberglass board, size 143 × 101mm, high quality Immersion Gold PCB board, thickness 2.0mm. Power high voltage adjustable soft start : just-machine is powered, high voltage from 0V slowly pressed to 300V, so that the tube slowly raised pressure, to avoid the voltage jump mutation impact tube. 2-way filament power supply with a soft start LM317 adjustable voltage regulator circuit, the voltage from 0V to 6.3V slowly pressed or 12.6V, tube filament from the cold low resistance slowly rising, to avoid the impact of the voltage on the filament, to protect the life of the tube. The line ripple coefficient is extremely small, it is ideal for Tube Preamp. Product materials: High Voltage part: 1A rectifier, Italy Kende 150μ400V two filter, MJE13007 high anti-pressure tube adjustment, Japan Chemical 100μ420V, Japan Hitachi 100μ420V electrolysis secondary filter, resistance wattage margin. High-voltage output can not be short-circuited, short circuit will damage the circuit board, remember! Low Voltage part: four 3A Fast commutator, Nissan Nikon 1800μ35V electrolytic two filters, two LM317 adjustable regulator, Philips 680μ50V electrolytic secondary filter. AC 250V power supply, DC adjustable output voltage in the 115V ~ 320V range, for a few small power signal amplification tube work. Filament 7.5V ~ 13V AC power supply, DC 1.2V ~ 12.6V voltage adjustable, maximum current 1 ~ 1.5A, 2-way output , for two tubes work. Schematics diagram: Package Included: 1 x Adujustable High Voltage & Dual Low Voltage DC Regulator Payment Delivery details Terms of sales Returns Contact us Payment We only accept payment via PayPal. All major credit cards are accepted through secure payment processor...

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Dual High Voltage Regulator Power Supply + DC Filament PSU PCB fr GG Tube Preamp

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Store category Sign Up Now ! You may also like Welcome you to buy it in my shop! Product Description 100% Brand New and High Quality Note: this item is only Bare PCB Board, not contain other parts. If you need assembled board, please you buy it in link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/113128653102 PCB size: 130*70mm 1.6mm thick, spray tin process. Ground Grid GG tube preamp Power supply board, it can also be applied to other tube pre-amp board, high voltage output high voltage can be changed by changing the zener diode. The low voltage output board can be adjusted directly. Note that the high-voltage output current of this power board is recommended to be within 1A. Low pressure is less than 1.5A. Low pressure up to 2A. More than 1.5A. The LT1085/LM317 pay attention to enhanced heat dissipation. This PCB reserved two 5W Zener tube package positions, for the serial connection method, when the output voltage is 200V, 200W voltage regulator can be installed, and the other needs to be shorted. When other voltages are needed, two identical or different voltage regulators can be connected in series. If 250VDC is needed, a 130V and 120V regulator can be connected in series. The choice of high voltage regulator pressure difference: Because of the use of MOS tube as a high-voltage regulator, and MOS tube in the "small warm" under the sense of hearing will be even better, and the overall pre-amp tube current is generally not too much (usually about 10MA), in considering the voltage In addition to fluctuations, We recommend a pressure difference of not less than 50V, recommend a pressure difference of 80-100V, and it is better to use the warm hand temperature on the MOS tube. If the pressure difference is not enough or the working current is too small, the heat sink can be removed to increase the temperature. GG tube pre-amp power settings: GG tube pre-amp is positive and negative 200V power supply, in the application of the board, the board will be short-circuited between the...

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