EduMed 41 Piece Practice Suture Kit for Medical and Veterinary Student Training

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EduMed 41 Piece Practice Suture Kit Medical & Veterinary Student Training Introducing our NEW Practice Suture Kit for medical students needing that little extra practice on the closest thing to real skin and muscle you can find. Our pad is specially designed to mimic the real feel of human skin and tissue going all the way down to fat cells and muscle. The elasticity of the pad gives the realistic feeling of pulling skin and deep tissue injuries. The different style cuts on the "skin" help with realistic scenarios where suturing a straight line is not possible. Why be thrown into a real life scenario where a patient is bleeding out while you must quickly stitch them up with no prior realistic practice? Our portable practice set is perfect to bring with you for practice during your down time. Our set is the best on the market and comes with 1 suture pad, 1 set of practice surgical instruments including a needle holder, mosquito forceps, iris scissor, adson tweezer, and scalpel, also includes 5 practice blades, and 30 different sutures. Everything you need to practice over and over. **NOT FOR MEDICAL USE, PRACTICE ONLY** Features: PRACTICE SUTURE KIT: Best quality practice suture kit on the market for medical students needing that extra practice before working in the field REALISTIC SKIN PAD: Our multi-layer pad simulates the many layers of real skin, fat cells, and muscle. With "pre-cut" injuries on the pad in different shapes, sizes and widths this pad allows for practice for different types of injuries PRACTICE TOOLS: Comes with with 5 different practice tools similar to what would be used in real life scenario. Includes: Needle Holder, Mosquito Forceps, Iris Scissor, Adson Tweezers, and Scalpel. Also includes: 1 reusable suture pad, 5 blades, 10x 4/0 N HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: 9 out of 10 medical students that used our set recommend it as well as professors, surgical interns and residents **NOT FOR MEDICAL USE! TOOLS AND MATERIALS ARE FOR PRACTICE ONLY!** Why Shop...

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Suture Practice Kit for Medical Student Suture Training Latest Release Complete

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Suture Practice Kit for Medical Student Suture Training, include Upgrade Suture Pad with 14 Pre-cut Wounds, Suture Tools, Suture thread & needle (Complete Kit) Product features · ✅ We supply complete suture practice kits. You can easy find the kits you would often use in the suture training course. The kit includes Authentic human skin-like suture pad (with 14 pre-cut wounds), surgical training scissors, adson forceps (tweezers with teeth), Hegar needle holder, mosquito forceps, 3# scalpel handle, 10# blades, and 4 types of main non-absorbent sutures (needle & thread). Nylon and Polypropylene monofilament, Silk and Polyester braided. · ✅ Authentic Skin suture pad is with 14 pre-cut wounds, like 6 inches straight/curve laceration wounds, 3 inches avulsion wounds, and triangle puncture wounds... The shape & size of the wounds are designed & developed by doctors, and experimented by medical student. It can be use on exam and study practice, teaching demonstration, practice before starting a new job and residency. We offer extra pad 8 x 8 inches suture pad as well, please search ASIN: B07RZJ6RP7. · ✅ 3 layers suture pad is made by high quality silicone, mixed composite thermoplastic material with our formula, it's not easy to rip. Aim to strengthen durability, we place one protective mesh at skin-like layer as close as possible to the surface. It prevents suture pad from breaking, especially for beginners who do elementary suture training. Our mesh material is different from others, it's made by polyester, stronger & denser than the one which used by other sellers. · ✅ Say good bye to the smelly banana & poke skin. The new suture pad is made by food grade silicone, non-smell, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, able to cycle use & portable, make suture training more easy & happy. The suture pad texture is close to real skin, not just a hard rubber.

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