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User Centered Design

We built this site from the ground up with one idea in our minds: we need to build the best website to find and discover products for users. To this end we have selected a portion of the total available hardware out there to provide you a smaller and more easily comprehend-able set of options. Rather than inundating you with thousands of unnecessary or poorly described products only the products that have good, useful descriptions and a nice image are included. We also narrow in to a particular price range that we think is more accessible for most customers.

Relevant Information

When you decide if you like an item or not you need all the relevant information. A few basics include things like pricing, availability, a relevant description and a nice image. These are the primary factors that you will use, in addition to the brand name, to decide on what to buy. You may also find comparison shopping or customer feedback as additionally useful factors so we have included those as well. You can see the ratings on a one to five star basis with comments by each customers rating. Similar products are displayed below the main product information and can include up to five other items. Below that you can browse other items for sale by the same manufacturer. Together, these are all the relevant pieces of information to make an informed decision.

Privacy and Ads

In order to protect your privacy we don’t include any ads on our website. Not a single image other than our brand and the products in our catalog! Not only does this provide a faster, cleaner experience across a variety of web-enabled devices it also means that your actions on our site are not shared with advertisers. We don’t see any benefit to putting ads so we don’t include them. And with so much media out there in the world another spot that is free from all the clutter is a nice, welcoming place. And that’s how we want our web catalog to be to you.

Stay Updated

If you tried browsing our site or using the search feature and still haven’t found what you are looking for there is one more feature we have added that you might find helpful. This is the daily subscriptions option and it is displayed on any of the taxonomy pages such as category tags or manufacturer tags. This will use the RSS feed of new products available matching that type and provide you a daily digest email summary. You can use that to either keep track of a particular type of product or to see what is newly available by a particular manufacture. We hope that it is a useful addition and if you like that, or simply want to send us a note, please don’t hesitate to use the contact form on our privacy policy and terms of service page.

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